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Part I: Preparation

Part III: Integration

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Course Development – The Hero’s Journey

Course Overview

This course is meant to help everyone accelerate their course creation. Your job is to build the course content inside of this framework. Leveraging a framework helps unblock your creative energy because it is a box that your expertise needs to fit in. It takes away the experience of having a blank canvas and makes this more like creating in a template.

The Hero’s Journey isn’t a framework that was created, but rather one that has been distilled from millennia of human transformation. This is the way humans help each other transform at various stages of our lives. This framework is all about transformation and what we are teaching is to help people transform. 

Each Lesson will take you through the process of developing content for your course for that same particular lesson. This is very meta. The course is built the same way it is taught.

The Course

There are 3 Acts in every course. Act 1 is the preparation for the work. Act 2 is the hard work. Act 3 is the integration of the work into their lives. We lead them to transformation, help them transform, and take the transformation into their lives. 

The Lessons

There are 12 lessons as there are 12 parts to the hero’s journey. Each lesson in the first 4 parts, the first Act, is to help the hero (the participant) prepare for the transformation you are going to take them through.

The second Act has 5 parts that the hero goes through and transforms. The transformation occurs at lesson 8 and then lesson 9 the hero experiences the rewards of transformation, but they aren’t done yet.

In Act 3 starting at lesson 10 they have to recommit to integrating this transformation in their life. Lesson 11 is facing the dragon by fully bringing the practices to their life and to change the way they live. Then, lesson 12 is all about bringing this transformation to the world. It all ends with a call to action to be the change they wish to see in the world.

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