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Having your message heard can be the key to your success

Your ability to present your ideas to the world is key to your success. Whether you are pitching VCs for money, an accelerator program to get to the next level, present your company to potential clients, or simply need to convince your family and friends that you’re not crazy for pursuing your vision, you will need to be clear and confident. The truth is, if you are chasing your vision, you are always pitching. 

How clear you are about what you are up to, what you need, and why you will succeed is important to your success. 

Many brilliant ideas will die in the minds of the brilliant people that came up with those ideas. Why? Simply because they didn’t communicate that idea clearly enough. 

The good news is that as a human you already have the ability to story tell. You can learn the frameworks that engage and ignite attention in your audience. You can learn to be ready to pitch anyone, anywhere, and anytime. 

Marty has the ability to help you mold your vision into words that engage your audience.

Happy Clients

Working with Marty is above all fun, but what you’ll quickly learn working with him is that he’s experienced, professional, and helps you find your own voice.

“Awe-struck & Inspired”

Marty is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in helping brands improve their pitch. His hands-on and intuitive approach to helping me build my workshop in the form of “the hero’s journey” left me awe-struck and inspired. It would have taken me months to accomplish what Marty and I did in just under two hours – and it still wouldn’t have been as good. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Marty on message crafting, pitch polishing and/or story telling I highly recommend it!

~ Jeff A. 

“A pleasure to work with”

Marty and I have co-presented and worked on several projects together. He is a sincere and energetic speaker, with the ability to read a room and adjust on the fly. He delivers his message to make everyone feel like he’s talking directly to them, while being completely himself. A pleasure to work with when strategizing how to engage businesses and community groups. Ultimately it’s his love of life that shines through and pulls people in.”

~ Mike Stopka, AIA, LEED BD+C
MIST Environment

Storytelling is Marty’s Passion

Working with over 300 start-ups for pitch events, contests, customer presentations, board presentations, and more!

“He turns storytelling into a science”

Marty is an exemplary business coach and storyteller. He applies his wealth of knowledge and experience from being a technology entrepreneur to translating others’ plans procedurally. I’ve never met someone that can turn an idea around so quickly — across disciplines and levels of complexity simultaneously, and I’ve seen him do it time and again for budding businesses. Marty can articulate anything, and he turns storytelling into a science that anyone can learn and leverage for their own benefit.”

~ Sevy Perez – CEO Intradesign

“Marty is a gifted communicator and strategist”

Marty was my go-to pitch coach for both the entrepreneurship courses I taught as well in my role in preparing students for UIC’s Startup Challenge.  He has a unique ability to distill foggy ideas into concise and exciting stories, often understanding the proposed venture better than the entrepreneur.  Marty is a gifted communicator and strategist.  As a business owner himself, he has direct insights into building actual companies, so he not only helps entrepreneurs craft a powerful story, he is focused on helping them create successful businesses.  Above all, his energy is infectious and his genuine desire to help is palpable.  He has met with several of my students outside of class to continue his mentorship of them.  Marty often opens up his vast network to connect entrepreneurs with the help they need.  I know this first hand because he has also helped me and my startup as well!

~ Joseph Sheahan
Adjunct Lecturer, UIC
Founder & CEO, TappedIn 

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